All our prices are for a maximum of 7 races of 7 donkeys. We reserve the right to increase the fee should the number of races required be in excess of this, but we are limited to the number of donkeys we can carry in our lorries. We suggest that you start the races not before 12 and finishing the last race by 4.30 with 20-30 min intervals between races. Crowds tend to drift away by 4.30.


A horseshoe shaped or straight course approximately 100 to 150 yards long and 25ft wide. The course should be enclosed either by a fence or two strands of rope. The paddock should not be incorporated in the course but set beyond the finish. It is essential to have a good width course to avoid collision and allow the donkeys to space themselves out.


This is a paddock for the donkeys to go in during the event of the donkey derby. We can supply a removable paddock. Preferably in some shade. We would need the paddock to be near the finishing end of the course. If you can make a paddock we suggest it would be 20’ x 20’. It must be strong either livestock hurdles or 3 strand of rope 1’ apart with stakes. Or furthermore crowd barriers are another great fencing which can be obtained by consent of your local police or council.