The jockeys need to be the age between 10-15 and under 9 stone. Riding hats and body protectors are compulsory. We must stress that it is imperative that each child wears BS approved, correctly fitting hat with chin strap. Riders must obtain written permission from a parent or guardian (see condition of hire) and complete a rider’s registration form supplied by us. We are able to provide riding hats and body protectors for the jockeys. This is an extra of £5.


If you cannot find any riders for you big day, we can supply our own jocketts. These are dolls which are secured onto the donkey to race. They can also be raced with jockeys.



Supplied by us colours are numbered. These do not necessarily correspond with the colours of the “tote” tickets.



These are not provided as they are not often used in the donkey racing as there is a possibility of jockeys catching their feet in the stirrups and being dragged should they fall.